Volume 14, Issue 34 September 25, 2017
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Clean Energy for Your Home and Business
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Clean Energy for Your Home and Business
Reduce your environmental impact with our wind power products


Are you interested in powering your home or business with clean energy? WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) can help you find the most effective way to reduce your environmental impact with the right renewable energy solution. You can learn about our renewable energy solutions in this week’s Energy Update, in the first article of a three-part series on clean energy.

Our wind power products allow you to reduce your environmental impact, while powering your home or business with electricity sourced from clean, renewable wind power. Electricity sourced from wind power is created using wind turbines that capture kinetic energy from the wind. WGL Energy offers a variety of wind power products, depending on where you are located and where the wind power is sourced. All of our wind power products are Green-e® Energy certified, which is your assurance that our products meet the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS).


Wind Power Products for Residential  and Small Business Customers:

National WindPower
National WindPower from WGL Energy is electricity sourced from wind farms across the country. It’s a cost-effective way for residents of DC, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania to have 100% of their electricity come from clean, renewable wind power.

CleanSteps® WindPower
CleanSteps® WindPower is electricity generated from regional wind farms in states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

If you live in DC, Delaware or Maryland, and want to improve air quality in your region, choose 50% or 100% CleanSteps WindPower.

PA WindPower
PA WindPower is electricity generated from wind farms located exclusively in the state of Pennsylvania. If you live in Pennsylvania and it’s important to you to protect the environment and improve air quality in your state, choose 50% or 100% PA WindPower.


Wind Power Products for Large Commercial Customers:

WindPower from WGL Energy
WindPower from WGL Energy gives your business a flexible way to support a cleaner environment without an investment in new equipment or capital improvements.

WGL Energy can facilitate block purchases of wind power or match a percentage of wind power to your existing electricity supply. You will also have the flexibility to choose Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from either local or national wind farms.


For more information about wind power, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on our website.