Volume 15, Issue 65 May 21, 2018
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Get Price Protection for Your Home's Energy Budget
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Get Price Protection for Your Home's Energy Budget
A fixed-price plan helps you avoid the worry that comes with unpredictable utility rates


Utility rates can vary from month to month, leaving you guessing about next month’s price. Take control of your energy budget with a fixed-price electricity supply agreement from WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy).


If you’re a District of Columbia or Maryland resident, you have the power to choose your energy supplier. By choosing WGL Energy, you can take advantage of our special one- or two-year fixed price for your electricity supply. A fixed price for your electricity supply offers you the opportunity to worry less about the impact of rising temperatures, increased cooling demand and unpredictable utility rates on your electricity bill. With a fixed price electricity supply agreement, you can set your home thermostat to a comfortable temperature because your price remains the same all season long.

Residential customers outside these areas can contact our Customer Care Center at 1.844.427.5945 for information regarding your specific electric utility.

Once enrolled, your utility will continue to provide electricity to your home, along with emergency and other services. There is no cost to enroll with WGL Energy.

Click here to enroll before this offer expires on June 4.