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Renewable Energy Trends for 2019
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Renewable Energy Trends for 2019
2019 is forecasted to be an impactful year for sustainable energy generation


According to a recent Forbes report, the rapidly evolving clean energy landscape is getting ready to see more sustainable energy generation this year. This week, we look at three renewable energy trends to watch in 2019.

Renewable Energy Agreements
More corporations around the world are agreeing to climate action plans to mitigate the impact of climate change. Information provided by the Intergovernmental Panel’s Climate Change 2018 report suggests an increase in the number of agreements that support the use of renewable energy sources will continue this year.

Currently, over a hundred cities around the globe report that over 40 percent of their energy production is fully operational with 100 percent renewable electricity. Furthermore, 158 companies including global brands Apple, Nike and P&G have pledged to transition to 100 percent renewables in a move to commit to a cleaner planet.

Microgrids and Artificial Intelligence
Microgrids are playing a growing role in the evolution of sustainable energy generation. These energy grids can work singularly or while connected to a larger grid. Energy provided by microgrids provide an increased level of efficiency and protection during emergencies. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by microgrid controllers allows for continuous adjustments and improvements during operation. 

Software developed by tech company XENDEE is expected to provide advanced solutions that allow microgrid designs to be completed in a single day. This trend is expected to shape the clean energy industry and provide optimized solutions for renewable energy users.

Energy Storage
Energy storage is vital to ensuring the scales of power supply and demand remain equal. Storage systems coupled with renewable energy sources provide a balanced power supply despite weather conditions. 

Battery usage is increasing on both the residential and commercial scales. Energy storage technology is forecasted to improve and provide more cost efficiency. It is projected that energy storage will continue to be a core component of energy technology in the year ahead.   

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