Volume 16, Issue 7 March 4, 2019
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Visit Us for Energy Answers in Ocean City and Pittsburgh This Week
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Visit Us for Energy Answers in Ocean City and Pittsburgh This Week
Our team is talking about energy procurement, energy management and carbon reduction.


Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association Spring Trade Expo – Ocean City, Maryland March 3-4, 2019

Karen Pinder-McDuffie and other team members from WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) will be at the Ocean City Convention Center in Booth #806, offering ideas for reducing energy consumption that can help you save money on your utility bills. Learn how an effective energy management strategy can positively impact your bottom line, without sacrificing guest comfort. Our team will also be talking about how we can help you choose the right electricity or natural gas supply plan for your business, in consideration of your usage patterns, risk appetite and market trends.

This annual event draws close to 5,000 attendees and features 406 exhibit booths, offering participants an opportunity to build new relationships, solidify existing ones and learn from each other.

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Bridge to 2030: Green Project Financing – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 7

Robin Cunningham, WGL Energy Green Products Manager, will be talking about ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through the purchase and use of electricity generated from renewable sources like 100% National WindPower by WGL Energy. Robin will also share his insights on how business consumers can achieve their sustainability goals with the purchase of carbon offsets.

Also speaking will be Matt Mahoney, Keystone Energy Alliance (KEAA), on C-PACE – a new and exciting financing opportunity for clean energy production in Pennsylvania – and Geoff Bristow, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, on the financing options available for green energy projects through the Driving PA Forward grant.

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