Volume 16, Issue 14 May 13, 2019
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Maryland Legislators Aim to Extend Commitment to Renewable Energy
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Maryland Legislators Aim to Extend Commitment to Renewable Energy
Lawmakers seek 50 percent renewable energy increase by 2030 with current bill.

Maryland lawmakers are seeking to extend their commitment to renewable energy with a new bill that mandates 50 percent of the state’s electricity supply come from renewable sources by 2030. The bill is currently on the desk of Governor Larry Hogan awaiting his signature. If approved, the bill could spur an increase in the usage of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar for the state of Maryland.


The bill also includes subsidies for small and minority-owned business within the clean energy industry. Provisions for job training and apprenticeships are also a part of the bill. The results of the legislation could also reduce the state’s air pollution and spur economic development with clean energy jobs in manufacturing, installation and more.


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