Volume 18, Issue 10 June 14, 2021
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Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint
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Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint

The everyday actions and lifestyle choices we make all have some impact on our environment. Whether we are at home, work, or traveling we should always be looking for ways that push us towards a cleaner and brighter future. Reducing your carbon footprint starts with YOU and it can be achieved in various ways.

  • Minimize water usage. Turning off the taps when brushing your teeth, having short showers rather than baths, and only boiling the water you need.
  • Alternating your diet. Consume fewer animal products or choosing a plant-based diet, and shop for locally sourced food.
  • Go digital. Move away from printed documents where possible, and practice using your digital skills in the workplace.
  • Get rid of single-use plastic. Eliminate the use of things like disposable coffee cups and cutlery.
  • Take local trips. Try taking field trips that are nearby or your surrounding area.

Incorporating these tips into your day-to-day, can help make a difference for a better tomorrow. You can also help reduce your carbon footprint by selecting environmentally friendly products from WGL Energy for your home and/or business.

Source: https://www.futurelearn.com/info/blog/how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint-tips