Volume 18, Issue 10 December 13, 2021
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Go Green While on The Go
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Go Green While on The Go
Did you know driving your vehicle releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere contributing to climate change? Combating climate change starts with us and you can do your part even while on the go. This week we will provide you with some information for you to consider when driving on the road.
  1. Purchase a SmartWay vehicle. SmartWay certified vehicles are environmentally friendly vehicles that save on fuel, money, and the environment.
  2. Practice fuel-saving tips. Buy low-greenhouse gas vehicles, use renewable fuels, and maintain regular car maintenance.
  3. Learn about the Fuel Economy Label. This label shows you how much you will save or spend on fuel over five years, ratings on a vehicle's smog and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and more.

To learn how you can go green with WGL Energy visit https://promo.wglenergy.com/gogreen/ or call 1-833-61-GREEN (1-833-614-7336) to speak with one of our energy experts.

Source: https://www.epa.gov/greenvehicles/help-make-transportation-greener