Energy Update - 10/18/2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Green-e Energy
Editor's Note
•  A Tame Week For A Change
•  Washington, D.C. Area Cooling/Heating Degree Days


Green-e Energy

Did you know that WGL Energy’s Carbon Offsets and WindPower products are Green-e® Energy certified? What does this mean you may ask?

Established in 1997, Green-e Energy is the nation’s leading program for renewable energy. The program was created to provide consumer protection in the emerging and unregulated voluntary renewable energy market through clear guidelines, disclosures, and standards. It is in this program that consumers and businesses are provided with the assurance that they are reducing the environmental impact of their energy use.

To learn more about WGL Energy’s Green-e Energy certified products, visit our website or call 1-833-61-GREEN (1-833-614-7336) to speak with one of our energy experts.