Energy Update - 11/08/2021  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  How To Make Your Home Office Energy Efficient
Editor's Note
•  Record Warm October
•  Washington, D.C. Area Cooling/Heating Degree Days


How To Make Your Home Office Energy Efficient

With working from home becoming the norm for many, you can expect a significant increase in energy consumption. This week we will provide you with some tips on how to make your home office more energy efficient as we enter the winter season.

  1. Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. These light bulbs use 25-80 percent less energy than standard bulbs, and last 3-25 times longer.
  2. Warm up with a space heater. Conserve energy by trading your HVAC system for an energy- efficient space heater. If you’re the only one home during the day, try using a small space heater to stay comfortable inside your office.
  3. Rely on task lighting. Task lighting focuses on small areas and gives you just enough light to perform certain tasks. Use this type of lighting in your office by using desktop lamps or track lights.
  4. Install window treatments. If you have windows in your home office, install an energy-efficient window treatment such as shades or drapes. These window treatments prevent heat from escaping through the windows during winter.

To learn more about how you can manage and optimize your energy consumption with WGL Energy visit our website or call 1-833-61-GREEN (1-833-614-7336) to speak with one of our energy experts.