Energy Update - 07/27/2022  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Editor's Note
•  Prices Continue July Bounce
•  Energy Market Charts
•  Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
•  Washington, D.C. Area Cooling/Heating Degree Days



Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Have you ever considered the many benefits of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)? A REC represents one megawatt hour (1,000 kilowatt hours) of generated renewable energy, such as solar, wind, or hydro power, which is sent through power lines for general usage.*

Purchasing RECs can:

  • Support renewable electricity production in the region of generation. For every unit of renewable electricity generated, an equivalent number of RECs are produced, and by purchasing and pairing RECs with your electricity service you are using and receiving the benefits of that renewable electricity.
  • Build a market for renewable electricity.Increased demand for and generation of renewable electricity helps reduce conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable electricity generator is located.
  • Combat climate change. Because RECs are sourced from renewable energy including wind power, the result is less negative impact on the environment.

You can manage your organization’s environmental impact by choosing clean, renewable energy. For more information about RECs, check out our video:

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